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poem-Elizabeth October 31, 2014

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Your Snow White beauty

Is cut with a sharp edge of

Street smarts.

You’ve seen

Too much.


Will the visions

Scar your face with darkness,

Cigarette creases

And add black anger to your eyes,

Aging you with

Exponential bitterness?

Or will your words

Poured out upon a page

Erase the stresses

And sculpt your beauty

Into timelessness?


13 Responses to “poem-Elizabeth”

  1. SiriusOryon Says:

    Wow…I feel you on this one…profound insight…I hope she hears/heeds your words of wisdom ♥

  2. Kay Salady Says:

    Wow, this piece is gorgeous and touches me deeply.

  3. Rob McShane Says:

    “sculpt your beauty into timelessness?” – love it Shawn! An outcome for all good writing?!! 🙂 Nice piece, thanks!

  4. M. Shadowlock Says:

    Reblogged this on The Dusty Poetry Corner.

  5. Rich dark matter and I really enjoyed it Shawn.

  6. Amanda Banks Says:

    Hmm, thanks, great one to re-read and ruminate upon… Love the double, or maybe endless, possibilities… Does each act and each experience draw us towards the dark or the light…?

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