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poem-what if October 16, 2014

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What if

just for today

you dared to do

that thing you fear?

What if

just for today

whenever you

wanted to say no,

you opened yourself

to yes?

What if

today was the day

when everything



22 Responses to “poem-what if”

  1. georgiakevin Says:

    What an awesome thought provoking poem! So well written. Shawn have you ever written a poem that wasn’t incredible?

  2. Yes, I know what this is like!

  3. narble Says:

    Shawn…your poem is apropos. This might be one of those days for me. 🙂

  4. syl65 Says:

    That would be a great day indeed! Thanks Shawn 🙂

  5. Great poem. I wasn’t expecting the way it ended – I felt the magic of opening to that possibility. H xxx

  6. AC Says:

    Did that yesterday with something. I hated it. But I’m glad I did it because now I know for sure that I hate it.

  7. macjam47 Says:

    Terrific poem with a positive message.

  8. Kelly Deeny Says:

    Then I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! Great poem, Shawn.

  9. With great risk comes great reward. Wish more people would have the courage to step out of their comfort zone

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