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poem- pickled October 3, 2014

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Mrs. Pickle

taught me much about

acidic Southern charm.

Vitriol dripped from her tongue

like garlic scented vinegar

stirred into syrup: bitter honey.

Against her absurdity, laughter made a bulwark.

A champion rose up,

waving a sword of words that

sliced that pickle into tiny pieces.

A memory to relish.


26 Responses to “poem- pickled”

  1. Felicity Says:

    Wonderful, Shawn! 🙂

  2. Dai Verse Says:

    Pickle, garlic, honey, relish – I’m feeling hungry now & it’s hours til lunchtime…

  3. rothbourne Says:

    Not sure why but I read this poem to the flow of Anaconda 😛

  4. Rajiv Says:

    OMG… This is…. I can’t put a word to it. Brilliant is too tepid..

  5. narble Says:

    “Relish.” Ha!

  6. Kurt Struble Says:

    sweet … sweet? ks

  7. SiriusOryon Says:

    That ‘acidic Southern Charm’ reveals itself “like garlic scented vinegar stirred into syrup,” in the catchphrase of the Mrs. Pickle types when they say “Bless Your Heart!” I am relishing in your bulwark! Well penned 😉

  8. Vinegar is the sauce one can put on a heaping dish of difficulty. It has such marvelous cleansing properties, as you may know.

  9. vsvevg Says:

    love the word play!

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