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poem- heaviness September 24, 2014

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The mist in the hills

weighs heavily on my heart

The wind through the valley

blows bleakly on my brain

The rain from the grey

drips doggedly on my dreams.




It’s only Wed, but I am exhausted!  I’m sure this soggy weather isn’t helping


27 Responses to “poem- heaviness”

  1. We, here in Southern California, envy you. We desperately need some of your rain. Please direct it our way?

  2. Bookgirl Says:

    Bring the sunshine to brighten our hearts 🙂

  3. This poem expresses the sadness in my heart and the heaviness in my spirit after learning of the death of a beloved co-workers. She died of colon cancer. The mood was very somber at work yesterday. Luce (that’s the way she spelled her name) was a kind, quiet, beautiful soul. A Lovely Woman who was a pleasure to work with. At least now she is no longer suffering and is at rest in God’s Arms.

  4. jensenempire2551 Says:

    What’s the matter got a little wet birdy….

  5. What! It’s soggy where I am too and we are at opposite ends of the continent I think. However, I am pretty sure it will be sunny tomorrow here. Love Florida.

  6. narble Says:

    Fall is my favorite time. Thousands of poems live here.

  7. nellopudding Says:

    I feel you! I am right there with ya!

  8. Soggy? I wish we could swap for just a day. Your spirits would lift with all the sunshine, and mine would soar just to feel a little moisture. Perfectly placed words! I can feel that heaviness!

  9. beenough Says:

    Yes, I agree! I am down in Kelowna and I feel it too with the back to school post-strike hovering mist.

  10. Sarah G. Says:

    Really enjoyed this one. Seems like you were in your poetic flow. =)

  11. prior Says:

    the mist in the hills – and then all uphill from there- nice words (as usual)

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