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picket knit #Outlander infinity scarves! September 16, 2014

DSCN1259I have been knitting on the picket line, and have listed five scarves for sale on eBay.  They’re various lengths, widths, and colours, all based on the scarf Claire wears outdoors in episode 103 “The Gathering” of the Outlander TV series.  They each start at an auction price of $29.99, or a Buy-It-Now at $40.

As an added bonus, you can see me modelling the scarves in my belly dancing wig! 🙂  You know you want to see what I look like without white, fuchsia and blue hair, right? <g>

Here is the link to the scarves on my eBay seller’s page

So that ^ link has expired, but I still have some scarves for sale, so if you’re interested in one, drop me a line via either the ABOUT or CONTACT pages and I’ll get back to you.  Eventually I’ll try to upload photos to this page.

For you crafty types who end up on this page because you want to make one, most of mine were knit in garter stitch over 15-25 stitches (depending on whether you want a cowl that doesn’t wrap, or a scarf that does) using 25 mm needles.  To get Claire’s look above pick a chunky yarn of your choice, plus a coordinating worsted weight, use both together to cast on 15-18 (as you like), knit away until you run out of yarn (a meter to 1.5 meters), then whipstitch the ends together.  You can add a twist if you like for a mobius strip, which does lie nicely on the shoulders, I must say.

Very easy! The costuming department was in a real hurry when they commissioned all these scarves, and I’m not sure I’ve seen one on the show that couldn’t have been knit in a day. I chose fancy chunky yarns- nice German boucles or variegated types to go with a solid worsted.  You might prefer all solids like Claire has on.


8 Responses to “picket knit #Outlander infinity scarves!”

    • I love the show, the books, and Diana! 🙂

      So thankful for her support and encouragement of my writing.

      So thankful for the escape of the show during the stress of our teachers’ strike. 🙂

  1. Ah you need a scarf for exploring wild Ayrshire! Still waiting for Outlander to air in Caledonia…..

    • Hopefully they’ll make an announcement Friday, after the vote?

      Ep 106 last Saturday was positively inflammatory. The pompous arrogance of the Red Coats as they called Dougal essentially a ‘noble savage,’ mocked the ‘woolen skirts,’ translated his speech and whined he needed to speak ‘king’s English,’ remarked the Scots needed ‘to behave.’ They were smarmy and disgusting. I can see why they wouldn’t have wanted it to air this week in Scotland! It definitely had the potential to influence the vote.

      • Aye “a parcel of rogues in a nation.” A sign in Alloway reads “Robert Burns would have voted Yes!” Getting ugly here, hope we can live with one another after the vote…..

      • I was in Quebec the summer before their first separation vote. I was 16. I had beer bottles thrown at me at a party of teens. I stood up after the second one and shouted (in French) that it wasn’t my fault that I was English, that my father was born in Montreal and my last name was Duguay! (very Quebecois name). After that I didn’t have any trouble. (I didn’t know at that point that my dad was adopted and his father was really Liverpudlian). 😉

  2. Lorien Says:

    I still haven’t been able to see the durn show. I want to though. And, KNITTERS UNITE! I can’t think of a better way to spend your picket time, unless, of course, you’re also sprinkling some yoga in there to keep you limber. 😉

    • I should have been doing yoga.
      I was actually thinking post-strike yoga would probably be a REALLY good idea for getting our heads back in the game. Folks are pretty stressed.

      You’ll LOVE the show! I’m sorry you’re missing it. Hopefully they’ll announce something Friday, once the vote is over.

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