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poem- learning from history September 10, 2014

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She has a history

of running down unionists

With gleeful righteousness

she watched them bounce

off the hood of the car

back in the 80s.

Last dispute,

this sweet little old lady

offered the strikers

a most unlady-like


This dispute,

she has stared

down the road with

patent disregard.

Workers should work.


she waved enthusiastically,

and a victory dance

was held on the picket line.

One more newly informed person

waking up.




True story


12 Responses to “poem- learning from history”

  1. Geo Sans Says:

    honk honk
    hold the line

  2. Melody J Haislip Says:

    My dad was a union man. He’d be appalled at what is going on today, in your country and in mine!

  3. jensenempire2551 Says:

    What about the kids?

    They are humanities best resource!

  4. prior Says:

    I agree with Bill Gates and his helping – and there are others that make an impact – but not the ,majority fo sho – nice poem

    • He has made a huge difference funding the Polio eradication campaign. We’re down to a hundred or two cases a YEAR instead of a thousand a DAY back in 1985. If polio is eradicated, we will predominantly thank Bill Gates (and Rotary) for bank rolling the initiative. Now THAT is a legacy.

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