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poem- expansion April 21, 2014

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We grow

to fill the space we have.

Over time, each room fills

with things that we could live without

but gather like memories.

If the deadline is far away

we stretch to fill the time,

break the project into small parts

or forget about it until the final moments

We should expand

into our opportunities

while we have time and space

to grow.


25 Responses to “poem- expansion”

  1. Shawn, I really love this poem. My mind filled with expansion as I read towards the finish line. What more can one ask for? You are so gifted. Thank you for being you. Blessings and peace. Michele

  2. This is so beautiful!!! Memories of mementos shrink our rooms so much.

  3. Leonas Lines Says:

    Very good thoughts and so very true..Thanks!

  4. narble Says:

    Love this. It reminds me of my poem “Stuff” (

  5. davidprosser Says:

    I can’t afford to expand anymore Shawn, my belts are already on the last holes. Pretty poem sweetie.xx
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx.

  6. This is beautiful. 🙂

  7. nikibayard Says:

    Reblogged this on Niki Bayard and commented:
    well said!

  8. F.G.M. Says:

    Very beautiful and wise poem. I do love the last four lines:
    “We should expand
    into our opportunities
    while we have time and space
    to grow”.
    Leçon de sagesse, très importante!
    Thank you so much for sharing your poetry
    Kind regards from France

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