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poem- trim time March 9, 2014

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Your toe nails

echo in the hall like

a cavalcade of snare drums.

Thundering timpanic tribulation

of tip tapping echoing through my brain,

draining me of peace.

Your toe nails

four times four feet times two

(two square roots of feet)

Are a private percussion section

depriving me of sleep.




I need to trim the dogs’ toe nails.



8 Responses to “poem- trim time”

  1. words4jp Says:

    I hear this – it is like a tiny tap dance. In my house it is three – Syd is a tripod. I love the sound. Always puts a smile on my face;). Now, when she drinks and eats – she sounds like a horse!

    • Nothing tiny about this tap dance! It’s like elephants tap dancing on snare drums! Such a clamour! I really must trim toe nails today. Then they’re moving about in ‘stealth mode’ and I trip over them.

  2. Perfectly said. Oh the chore, though!

  3. xoxosanaz90210 Says:

    I like the rhythm of the poem, smart alliteration!! Especially “four time four feet times two” has a nice sound to it when read out loud orally.

  4. 🙂 Now I never thought a poem about toenails would make me smile… the cats’ nails make a gentle tapping sound on the hardwood floors but I will not risk lfe and limb to trim them 🙂

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