Shawn L. Bird

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poem- then December 16, 2013

A note to us

back then:

These days are precious;

you will savour your

memories of camaraderie

at the end of the road,

from the distance of

two decades.

Warm wood fires,

and warmer friendships,

Mothers and small children

budding careers,

and many dreams

were nurtured there

at the end of the road.

World travels,



All dreams you barely

dare to dream

come true

in time.

Still, that time

at the end of the road

with faith and friendship,

warm hearts,

is where our daring



For Claudia (and Heather and Francine and the rest of the Woods Road gang, actual and honourary) as I remember cookie exchanges, coffee, tea, cooking lessons, painting, laughter, prayer, and bats. 🙂


11 Responses to “poem- then”

  1. Tea, cookies, painting, prayer and laughter all sound wonderful! So many good memories to cherish. As for the bats do you mean bats as in Belfry, baseball bats, Vampire Bats!!

    • lol Well, they found an infestation of bats in the local elementary school, and the Parent Advisory Council, led by a ferocious Francine, forced the Minister of Education to build us a new school. I always called it “The School Francine built.” 🙂 The principal decorated her office with all sorts of bats, and referred to her office as “the Bat Cave.” Good times.

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