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poem- Nobel Alice October 10, 2013

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They said

short stories were out of fashion

but you wrote them any way

They said

women didn’t make good

subjects for novels

but you wrote them anyway

They said

Canada doesn’t have a literary voice

along with Margaret, Hugh, Leonard, et al

you wrote one anyway.

They said

Alice is Nobel and you said,

‘I forgot that was today.’



Congratulations to Canada’s Alice Munro who today received the Nobel Prize for Literature.  Interviewed this morning on CBC she said that she’d forgotten today was the announcement, and when her daughter woke her at 4:00 to tell her she’d won, she said, “Won what?”

Of course, any way.


16 Responses to “poem- Nobel Alice”

  1. Love that she was so down to earth about it! I’ve never read any of her stuff, but perhaps I should search her out. Anything of hers you would particularly recommend?

  2. timthepoet Says:

    Well done Canada for getting the Nobel Prize. You also did well in the credit crunch, not like your neighbour, may I add.

  3. Jen Says:

    Nice! I also wrote a tribute to Alice today: Stop by and read it if you have the time.

  4. Joel Says:

    I would have stayed up all night. You would have a very difficult time indeed bringing me down to earth.

    • I think it’s funny she forgot. She’s obviously a very down to Earth person! I also read a note on the Facebook page of a book store in Galiano where someone was buying an Alice Munro book, and coincidentally Alice was attending another author’s book launch. She didn’t want to take away from the author who’s day it was by being acknowledged for her Nobel. Sweet lady.

  5. Wonderful choice and a beautiful tribute!

  6. Love that you wrote a poem about the event!!

  7. Gregg Says:

    Love this. Gorgeous words, great voice.

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