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Grad dad June 26, 2013

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Oh, loser dad,

squealing the tires of your

red convertible in

front of all the grads.

I’m sorry

you peaked in high school.

The revving of your engine

declares you

as a fool.

Faces turn, loser dad,

with pity on your son,

the grad.

May he go on to be

much better

than the man

he sees.




Ok, ok.  I know this one is harsh.  But seriously.  2-300 people in the courtyard, little kids moving through the parking lot, and this idiot is smoking his tires as he parks his car.  Really?  Common sense, man!


6 Responses to “Grad dad”

  1. tjtherien Says:

    I believe you mean uncommon sense as their seems to be nothing common about it…

  2. RoSy Says:

    Sounds like a total loser

  3. I hope this is merely a story… not a recollection.

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