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Poem for T A May 9, 2013

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Who you are

is who you are

and you are perfect

as you are.


The reality of

who you are

is your reality,

and you are perfect

as you are.


The complications of

who you are

are a reality.


You are


that’s perfect, too.


When you embrace

all you are,

each complicated

component of your reality,

others will embrace it, too,

because you are perfectly


and complicated

is really cool.


Who you are

is who you are

and you are perfect

as you are.


16 Responses to “Poem for T A”

  1. Shainbird Says:

    Perfectly put!

  2. I need to read this every day…..

  3. edgarone2 Says:

    To find who we really are is the just first step?

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      For some, for example those kids with gender identity issues, embracing who they are can be kind of like that “watch out for that first step; it’s a doozy” step into black surrealism. It’s so important that they get the message that who they are is okay! Too many face rejection and confusion. Who you are made to be is to be embraced and celebrated. Kids must be allowed to find their joy.

  4. barbmca Says:

    a very positive thinking poem I like it

  5. So true .. self confidence is the thing you need to discover !

  6. illiterategirl14 Says:

    I really like this! Literally exactly what I needed to hear right now!

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