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like you April 26, 2013

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I wrote letters to poets

Sandburg, Dickinson, Twain,

Shelley, Petrarca, Yeats or Keats,

it was always the same.

“Thank you for your words.

“I like what you  say.

“Your message was heard.”

Each time someone’d said

“You can’t send a note

for those poets are dead;

it’s been years since they wrote!”


On the blog roll are poets

who live and who breathe

and I can write them notes

and some encouragement leave.

“I like that you’re writing

“I like that you’re here

“I like that you’re sighting

on truths without fear.

“Thank you for your words.

“I like what you  say.

“Your message was heard;

I’ll be back here one day!”


20 Responses to “like you”

  1. jdeangelis79 Says:

    awesome style keep them coming.

  2. Dennis S. DuBay II Says:

    Pretty great.

  3. Geo Sans Says:


    of the most

    exciting dialogue

    can be

    with people

    we’ll never know

    or see

  4. Ishaiya Says:

    I like that, who knows they may already be walking among us? 🙂

  5. Don Sansbury Says:

    Personally, I think writing a letter to the dead makes more sense than talking to tombstones. I’ve known plenty to do that. “I like what you say.” 🙂

  6. dcardiff Says:

    Hi Shawn, thanks for liking my poem Timid Eyes. I love your poem Like You. Like you I’m sitting at my laptop commenting, just as in your poem.

    I love your blog and come back often.


  7. Well, they lied or were ignorant, because we all come back again, and again and…and they are writing more, I can assure you of this.

  8. Heresnews Says:

    So beautifully written! Thank you Shawn for stopping by my cyber space. I appreciate it. 🙂

  9. Fasiha Ali Says:

    Very sweet! ❤ thank you for writing this!

  10. moses11 Says:

    I love this idea! Mind if I borrow it?

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      I don’t know what you want to borrow? Did you mean to comment on a Blog roll Found poem by any chance? In either case, borrow away, with credit, of course. 😉

      • moses11 Says:

        Just the concept of blog roll found poetry in general, and I’ll be sure to link you

      • Shawn Bird Says:

        The poem you’ve commented on isn’t a blog roll poem, but I’m glad you like them. I find them very fun to create. I limit myself to the first few lines (as what shows on the blog roll) so it offers some challenge. Some I manipulate the lines afterwards, sometimes I ‘must’ use the poems in order. That’s what makes them fun! 😉

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