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Power September 4, 2012

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Power will also end up with the sort of people who crave it.

Orson Scott Card.  Ender’s Game NY: Tor, 1991. p. 239

People who crave power, ensure they get it eventually, in one form or another. Be it business or politics, if they have the desire for it, they will make it happen.  One hopes that with the desire for power is an instinct or training for leadership as well.  Fair leaders with wise attitudes are rare, I think!  (Though I have come across many quite impressive leaders in schools over the years).  Benign dictatorships are the most effective governments for a reason.  Most people can’t be bothered with all those fine details.  I often wonder if the heinous voter turn out in the US elections relates to the sheer volume of things on their ballots?  How can Joe Everyman possibly make informed decisions when voting for everything from president to dog catcher, and complex referenda?  It would require far too much research! It makes me glad that we don’t have this system in Canada.  Sometimes excessive democratization of decision making is anathema to intelligent decisions!  Joe Everyman generally will not have enough facts to make a sensible choice, and if he’s voting based on looks, popularity, or the dollars spent on spin, he is unlikely to get the best leaders, is he?  One hopes power isn’t purchased, but is earned after demonstrating prudent wisdom.  But when you consider that “cream rises to the top,” remember cream is really just fat. What’s floating at the top isn’t necessarily what’s the best thing for your long term benefit.


2 Responses to “Power”

  1. Perhaps the cream rising to the top is a poor analogy Shawn since in the bottle it may do but in real life you often see the cream passed over because someone interviews better or someone has better qualifications on paper or maybe one of those who crave power climbs all over them. From working in a local authority I’ve seen many a time where the best person hasn’t got the job but the one who’s face fit-did. I’m sure it happens in Government too when favours are traded.
    The American elections are amazing to me. Never have I seen so many blogs devoted to bringing down the opposition. People don’t blog in favour of their party but against the other one. I’ve never seen such hate thrown around as there. I’m so glad I live in a Monarchy and not a Republic since I haven’t seen a successful Republic yet. It seems that Monarchs are the glue that hold the people together while Politicians are the wedges to drive them apart.Maybe Monarchies are the benign dictatorships of the day.

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      You’re thinking of cream as a good thing. I’m saying it isn’t! It looks good, tastes nice, but when whipped into a frenzy, it’s mostly air! It’s definitely not the best thing for you. It makes you fat and clogs your arteries, and can kill you in the end. Skim milk is a much better choice. No fancy cream, just the good stuff. The talented administrator isn’t cream, s/he’s skimmed milk.

      Of course, technically we live in a monarchy here in Canada as well… 😉 The Republicans scare me, I confess. The lies they tell about our Canadian health care system are astonishing, and what’s more astounding, is that so many poor or middle class people who can do nothing but benefit from universal health care, actually believe the lies and actively campaign to ensure the likelihood of losing everything they have, should they ever fall seriously ill. I don’t know anyone who’s ever lost a house in Canada because they got cancer or had a kidney fail them. It’s all so absurd. It’s certainly not Obama’s fault that Republican policies led to economic collapse that he has had to clean up. It’s like blaming the fire fighters because someone poured gasoline all over and threw a match. If they vote in the arsonists again, they are asking for more fires.

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