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etymology June 28, 2012

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Now, it might just be because I’m a nerdy English teacher, but I LOVE word etymology.  I find it quite fascinating to explore the history of word origins.  Imagine my delight to find a comic that shares some of this fascination!  Check out a chapter in the life of Etymology Man from!


4 Responses to “etymology”

  1. Etymology is great. I just had the pleasure of explaining to an Aussie friend where ‘Doolally Tap’ came from and what it means.
    ( From the British Raj in India based in Deolali Camp. Probably the madness of boredom suffered by the British Troops unused to the heat there). Now generally used in the UK to describe someone who’s thought a little mad, not necessarily in the literal sense.
    Some old words and expressions are fantastic especially when you look for their fascinating roots.

  2. Moriah LaChapell Schalock Says:

    I agree with you. I love etymology. Some days, when I begin to write. I start by googling etymology of…. It is fun to learn the history of words. I think it makes life a little richer.

  3. pastorjeffcma Says:

    Great post from someone who likewise loves words. Are you familiar with “Studies in Words,” by C.S. Lewis? If you like the evolution of words it is one you would really like.

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