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on the muse… April 10, 2012

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When the muse is dancing,
one plays her a tune.

Just thinking about inspiration.  I try to keep my teaching work at school.  I treat the job as ‘9 to 5’ and mark and prep after school.  I try to never bring any marking home with me, mostly, I confess, because there are so many other distractions at home that I’d never look at it.

Writing, however, is a different thing.  I’ll have ideas simmering on the back burner most of the time, but when I sit down and the words are coming, sometimes it is impossible to shut them off.   I might be stuck, writing frantically for hours.  If I don’t, then the words will still be pouring out, while I’m lying in bed.  There is no sleeping at such times.

So my metaphor is explained.  When the muse is dancing, one must play her the tune, because she will keep dancing one way or another.  If you don’t capture her inspiration, it will carry on without you.


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