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in praise of paper, or not… October 18, 2011

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Here’s a link to a blog post by a young lady in Toronto who LOVES books, Kelsey Bhatia.  She is vocally anti-electronic book.  I keep trying to convince her, but she isn’t buying the concept.   😉  Yet.

See my response to her comments below her blog.

When I look around my house that is exploding with books, I know I have a problem. I have over a hundred books just ‘about’ in my living room within sight of where I type at this moment, and two shelves of cookbooks in the kitchen, stacks on the backs of the toilets in two bathrooms.  There are two shelving units packed with books in the guest room, and 14 4′ long book shelves in my family room, 4 shelves in my craft/laundry room, and six 6 foot book shelf units in my office (where most books are laid in vertical stacks, in double layers), plus boxes and bags of my ‘class room library’ books in office and garage.  Obviously, I love paper books, but I am so thankful that the e-reader is storing 60 books that don’t have to find a space for in my house!  I hear that you can store well over 2000 books on a new generation Kindle, and that makes me very, very happy.  An entire library in your purse, all the time.  So far I’m fine with my Sony e-reader (despite my frustration that Grace Awakening is STILL not showing up on the Sony Store!)


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