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Time for a street party! June 30, 2011

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I live a few blocks off the longest street in the world. One 7821 km long road, that connects our nation from sea to sea. It constantly amazes me how we are linked together through the Trans-Canada Highway. Whether you live in Newfoundland, Ontario, Saskatchewan or BC, it is rare if you have not travelled some distance on this road.  Thousands of us commute on it every day.

Highway One unravels in over seven thousand kilometres past oceans, lakes, trees, prairie  and mountains.   It is a ribbon that ties Canada together.  It is a symbol of Canadian unity.  Despite the diversity of the scenery that unfolds around it, the Trans-Canada Highway takes us from city to wilderness, from the suburbs to national parks.  It connect us together.

The TCH was an amazing feat to construct.  If you’ve been through the Rockies recently, you’ll see it is still producing amazing feats of impressive engineering.   Canadians and visitors alike are awed by the marvels of nature and man that span the length of this roadway.  No other nation can boast of it.  So let’s celebrate it!

Canada’s birthday is a perfect time to put barricades up at either end, so we can have a street party the entire length of the road.   Someone bring the hockey sticks for a game of shinny.  I’ll bring the red and white balloons.


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