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places to look for lost keys March 2, 2011

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I’ve looked

  • in the pocket of every coat worn this week
  • in the pocket of all pants worn this week
  • in every pocket of each purse used this week
  • under couch cushions
  • under a tree in the backyard where you watered plants when you go home
  • on a window sill
  • on a book shelf
  • in your gym bag
  • in the knitting bag
  • in the library bag
  • on the bedroom dresser
  • on the guest room dresser
  • on the dressing room dresser
  • in the cutlery drawer
  • on the kitchen counter
  • in the fridge (keeping Heather’s phone company)
  • on the key rack
  • with the lost harp tuning key, wandering free
  • tangled within the bed sheets
  • in the dog bed
  • on the fireplace mantle
  • on the ironing board
  • by the sewing machine
  • on the washing machine
  • rattling around inside the washing machine
  • buried on the coffee table
  • on the computer desk, or the other computer desk, or the other computer desk


So– where have YOU found your keys? Mine have to be here somewhere. Additional suggestions appreciated!


6 Responses to “places to look for lost keys”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Maybe you should stop looking and get a new set of keys. They are bound to turn up then. 😉 It’s funny because it’s true.

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      lol. The car key is one of those million dollar electric keys. I think replacement is $300 or something ridiculous like that. Eeek.

      Happily they turned up. In my purse. Where I thought they were and where I’d looked for them at least three times. >>sigh<< Good thing I'm getting new glasses!

      • POLLY Says:

        This did not help me they were in someone’s pocket THIS DID NOT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Shawn Bird Says:

        I once borrowed a jacket from someone, who left the next morning to head 700 km south with my keys in her pocket. My husband was not amused. He drove 6 hours round trip to bring me the spare set… I appreciate your frustration. At least you know where they are now!

  2. keren Huyter Says:

    In the lock of the door ( I am forever doing that)…or in the car?

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