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Thinking again February 24, 2011

Well, I am glad that Thinking Day occurs in Scouting Week, so I can carry on with my theme of Girl Guide memories with some impunity. 

Another fun memory of Guiding is singing around the campfire.  I even put a campfire scene in Grace Awakening to celebrate these moments.  One of my favorite things is making up a verse of Quartermaster’s Store for everyone present around the fire.

Got a name?  I’ll make you a verse!  I’m serious!  Send me the name (and pronunciation if it’s not a common name) in the comment section below and I’ll make you a verse for your personal use within Guiding (or wherever your campfire happens to be).

 If you don’t remember the song it goes like this:

♪ My eyes are dim I can not see ♪

♪ I have not brought my specs with me ♪

 ♪I havvvvvve no-ot brought . my. specs. with. me. ♪

There was Shawn, Shawn making out with John ♪

♪ in the store ♪ in the store ♪

♪ There was Shawn, Shawn making out with John ♪

 ♪ in the quartermaster’s stor-or-ore ♪

Come on- gather ’round my fire!

PS. My husband is John.  My Guides loved the naughtiness of this! lol


3 Responses to “Thinking again”

  1. keren Huyter Says:

    I love campfire songs 🙂 I always thought that is was ” in the corner grocery store” ….Maybe that was just the Yukon version 😀

    My name is Keren…..whatcha got for me?

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      ♪ There was Keren, Keren, a-ripping and a-tearin’ ♪

      (ripping out stitches, of course)

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      I learned “corner masters store” as a kid which never made sense. I figured out that it was “quartermaster” in later life. It’s a military term for the folks in charge of the food, etc. Many early Scouting songs came out of the military and when I was in Guiding we still used military terms, whistles and procedures (marching, etc) which is no longer the case.

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