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aphrodite December 20, 2010

Filed under: Mythology,Pondering — Shawn L. Bird @ 7:19 am

Aphrodite causes a lot of trouble!!  I’m sure Athena must despair of her as Aphrodite goes flaunting herself around Olympus and leaving all the men pathetic bumbling creatures in her wake. 

I’m sure Aphrodite thinks it’s fun to see the wreckage.  Athena must just shake her head and wish they weren’t such idiots.  She must want to smack them upside the head and tell them to recognise what is important.  Wisdom and intelligence are more beautiful that the hormones that Aphrodite sprinkles.  By the time the men wake up from the chemical reaction and recognise reality, their world is in shambles, and Aphrodite is simply amused.

Aphrodite: the original Mean Girl.

Look what she’s caused now.  A wife gets all puffed up with vanity as she discovers Aphrodite’s artificial beauty.  She forsakes her husband, ends up in others’ beds and cruelly flaunts it! 

Aphrodite, that is not cool.  You need to teach your followers some self-control!  You need to insist the ones who profess other faiths actually stick will all the vows they make, not to go chasing after your vain pleasures.

You are nothing but trouble, Aphrodite!


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