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daddy October 8, 2010

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For Friesens and Bhatias who are grieving the loss of their fathers this week.


I followed behind him on the beach.

He turned with a smile and opened his arms

for me to run into

and he swung me schrieking

high into the air,

catching my laughter on the way down.

I stood on his shoulders as he

launched me into the surf

squealing and splashing.

Then screaming and thrashing

as I gulped in salt water

and my feet desperately

saught security

until his hands reached down

and pulled me into the haven

of his embrace.


3 Responses to “daddy”

  1. Shawn Bird Says:

    Reblogged this on Shawn L. Bird and commented:

    In honour of Father’s Day, here’s an oldie from 2010 for your enjoyment. Do you have a similar precious memory of your dad from your youth? I’m still a Daddy’s girl. How about you?

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