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birthing a world July 4, 2010

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How ironic that my last entry was about fantasy and reality, because without warning I’m falling into fantasy. It’s an interesting sensation. A new world is opening like a chasm and I am tumbling into it. It’s tugging on an arm and a leg, and it’s filling my head. I will lose touch with my reality as it grows.  I can feel the new place pulling me away.

Last year when readers were begging for a continuation of Grace Awakening, I didn’t know what to offer them. I asked what they wanted to know and they were vague. They just wanted more. I let the idea simmer for a few days before a glimmer came to me. “What about a prequel?” I finally suggested. “Yes!” they shouted. I could tell of some of those past lives Grace sees images of.  I could tell about Bright’s past experiences.  They were thrilled with whatever came.  The readers wanted to know about it all, if only I would write it.

After a year of simmering, the story is beginning to unfold itself. I find myself moving about my day with only half my consciousness attentive to my activities. Scenes are revealing themselves, characters are asking to be born, and a world is stretching into being. My fingers are twitching, and the words are about to appear on the screen.

Come along for the ride.


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